Enterprise Data Solutions Software

The Mycelium Suite of products is designed to integrate effortlessly within your existing IT ecosystem. As you implement new software enhancements, each of our four product pillars can be leveraged along with our proven methodology, to allow your organization to benefit from increased quality controls, within a reduced delivery timeline.

Our products are designed to connect seamlessly with any web-based application within your existing IT infrastructure, in order to support the progression of your software enhancements from development, through testing and finally into production.

Our Copy Data Management module will ensure that your functional teams can independently access the test data that they need. Record and playback your automated test scripts via the Mycelium Enterprise Test Assistant, to increase your test coverage and gain critical insights into your test outcomes. Periodically schedule the execution of your automated scripts whenever a release is introduced into your environment, to confirm that the health of your ecosystem has not been compromised.

Finally, you can either remove or relocate your less frequently accessed data from your production environment to allow your processes and your people to continue to operate optimally.

In summary Mycelium will allow your ecosystem to propagate and prosper, as it drives transformation within your organization.