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In DevOps, testing is the shared responsibility of enterprise teams, but with the right automation testing software, technical and non-technical developers can make changes quickly and securely with high confidence in producing quality results. As enterprise data continues to grow, the organization’s needs for building, testing, and streamlining responses across the lifecycle is essential to improving collaborations. Since enterprise applications often rely on multiple users and numerous moving parts, effective automation testing is essential for detecting issues as well as validating the end user experience. Mycelium Software’s product suite is designed for technical and non-technical team members to integrate change effortlessly within the enterprise IT environment.

Mycelium Enterprise Test Assistant (META)

Although automated test tools have been around for years, most required technical coding skills that made it difficult to efficiently maintain at scale. The lack of an all-in-one integrated test solution caused many teams to create their own automation testing framework that often included a steep learning curve for onboarding new team members and required specific maintenance to keep up with changes in enterprise technology. META is a proprietary automated test management solution that is all-in-one integrated to perform end-to-end verification of processes, across all frameworks. Where traditional tools could be used by quality assurance (QA) and development teams only, META reduces the need for technical skills making software solutions accessible to far more team members.

Cycle Time Plays a Crucial Role in Delivering Value

Enterprises are being pushed more than ever to provide a better time-to-market (TTM) response with increased flexibility to meet changing customer needs. In the past, development teams and operations had entirely different responsibilities for new software applications based on end-user needs and the overall market demand for new product features. Today, DevOps is a simultaneous approach that provides for more agile software development and testing through stakeholder collaboration. Nonetheless, where DevOps breaks down the organizational silos between teams, quality assurance has long been the enabler for delivering business value with reduced cycle-time.

Empowering Enterprise Teams with META

Traditionally, automated testing solutions were used by QA and development teams only, whereas, META allows non-technical personnel to participate fully  in the automation testing process. The META regression testing suite evaluates the system thoroughly by testing every known test script artifact that is registered within the system. This helps to enhance QA efficiency and mitigate potential quality roadblocks with significant upside over other automated testing solutions with features, such as:

  • CRM/ERP Agnostic – In order to execute test scripts as a virtual user, META mimics an end-user by invoking the target CRM/ERP application server(s).
  • Zero Knowledge of SQL – Test data preparation is user-friendly in META and is automatically handled by the software for optimum efficiency.
  • Intuitive Design – META enhances collaboration across teams with its simple to use intuitive design to record and maintain business scenarios.
  • Improved Deployment Quality – Broader stakeholder integration is key to identifying issues for improved operational efficiency and delivery.
  • End-to-End Testing – Cross-system testing allows teams to perform regression by initiating scripts in CIS and concluding test scripts in MDMS.

By combining the prowess of dynamic data selection, staging, and execution, you no longer need to dig deeper into data test scenarios. META stores test records in a central repository and so they can be played back or executed against dynamic input data sets. This combines the full potential of automated test management with data-driven testing for impact analysis on pre and post execution results. Mycelium Software puts the non-technical operations user at the core of the features implemented for automation testing in DevOps.

At Mycelium Software, we understand that automation testing in DevOps is an infrastructure issue and not just a project issue. Please contact, or call 1(904) 473-4959 for more information about our META automated test solutions for a detailed impact analysis with zero programming and no hidden fees.


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