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A key to better decision making is the quality of enterprise data that business leaders rely on to make informed decisions to drive meaningful outcomes. In today’s fast-paced global village, data-driven decision making is crucial as it enables organizations to observe data in real time and develop predictive insights by knowing what is working and what is not. By collecting data on customers and applying enterprise level solutions, businesses can easily find, access, analyze, manage, store, and utilize their most valuable assets to gain a data-driven perspective. Nonetheless, the success of an enterprise data approach is reliant upon the quality of the collective data and the effectiveness and efficiency of its analysis and interpretation. Applying clean enterprise data to decision making also keeps an organization pointed in the right direction by optimizing operational costs. Mycelium offers implementation services to make it easier for teams to identify insights that can be quickly acted upon in the best interests of the company.

Managed Test Services

Data doesn’t belong to individual departments. Instead, it is an asset that should be used to benefit the entire enterprise. Mycelium’s implementation services helps organizations break down data silos in a secure and managed way that empowers technical and non-technical DevOps team members to interpret, analyze, and covert enterprise data into insights that will transform decision making. Irrespective of where your organization is at on their journey for automation testing, our teams can implement test scripts across multiple web-based platforms to perform automated regression testing. Insights drawn from in-depth impact analysis and associated KPI reports in real time help organizations identify best decisions based on testing outcomes. Our extensive expertise in delivering results is built upon end-to-end test services at each stage, automation for solution development for recurring issues, performance tuning, and testing of functional requirements and non-functional features.

Release Management Services

By accelerating time-to-market (TTM) changes, enterprises across various sectors are striving to achieve a higher level of business agility. Release management tools from Mycelium Software used in conjunction with automated regression testing can shorten the test cycles, thereby expediting product release. Whereas the primary goal of release management is focused on the coordination of individual releases, our delivery teams can achieve continuous distribution, reduce wasted effort, and protect the integrity of the live environment. Impact analysis of the implemented changes and adherence to quality, are the two major benefits of using Mycelium’s release management tool. Combined with our META platform, the software performs a series of pre and post automated tests to identify any problems caused by a change. Moreover, less tech-savvy users can leverage the web-based interface to exercise a finer level of control over the change management process by comparing code configurations between sources to ensure only delta changes are loaded into the desired environment.

Data Retention Services

End-user performance depends heavily on the state of the data stored in the databases which support production environments. Unused or stale data can impact the quality of the production environments. When a table row in a database exceeds a certain number of records that are no longer needed, it is time to purge. Our experienced team at Mycelium Software will work with you to build the necessary business rules to purge and archive your production data, in accordance with regulatory and infrastructure requirements. This process not only frees up space, but it also speeds up queries. Through our implementation services, we remain part of the entire process, starting from discovery and current state assessment to executing the purge process in the respective test environment. Using our data retention services, enterprises have been able to reduce their nightly batch window, achieve faster report run times, and realize faster response times. All of this is done while maintaining the full integrity of enterprise assets.

Copy Data Management Services

Cost, speed, and performance are major concerns when it comes to converting data to actionable insights. Mycelium’s copy data management services is useful in scenarios where you intend to reduce the size of the production database for faster cloning of data to a new environment. Ideally, you need to accelerate access to data in lower-tiered environments while managing control and visibility over data access to satisfy both security and regulatory concerns for a compliant flow of data across the enterprise. Our team collaborates with the experts at the client location to identify a representative subset of production accounts that must be exported to the test environment. We also capture data obfuscation rules to ensure that data in the test environment is well protected, controlled, and accessible only by authorized users. Unlike other CDM products that are dependent on an overwhelmed IT department, Copy Data Management from Mycelium eliminates this unwanted dependency loop, while reducing the size of the non-production infrastructure.

You have an unprecedented opportunity to reinvent your organization with data assets that can keep decision makers across all departments and functions informed by creating a leaner, more agile, non-production operating environment. At Mycelium Software, our Implementation Services provide a controlled approach to large-scale data conversions. Please contact, or call 1(904) 473-4959 for more information about our managed testing and implementation services.


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