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With the increased volume of data being generated year after year, it is obvious that enterprises can no longer rely on outdated data solutions. Along with implementing new technology, companies today need to rethink outdated techniques about processing and managing big data. To better serve their communities, it is necessary for businesses and organizations to adopt the latest workflows to support critical processes in more impactful ways.

The days where enterprises could rely on workers to manually perform operations are gone. As technology continues to evolve and critical data continues to grow, there is an inevitable increase in human error that must be expertly managed. Mycelium offers a broad range of implementation services to make it easier to identify insights that can be acted upon quickly and in the best interests of the company and its consumers.

Open the Door for New Data Models

Mycelium products are designed to move enterprises closer to realizing operational excellence by building quality into the implementation process. Automation excellence has become a prominent focus due to inconsistent data-through as provided by manual processes. Our models for data solutions are discussed below:

  • Managed Test Services – Automated testing tools have been around for decades, but most required a level of technical skills that made it difficult to maintain efficiency at scale. This prompted organizations to create their own automation testing framework that slowed progress due to steep learning curves and the maintenance required to keep up with new technologies. With our proprietary META test assistant, you can combine automated test management with data-driven testing to reduce product bugs and analyze issues much faster. We make testing more human and empower your spectrum of users to create data-driven automation test scripts with accuracy and ease.
  • Implementation Services – Our team of automation testing experts work in tandem with your team members to help develop an automated test script inventory. By applying our knowledge of data models used to capture all the elements relevant to a new release, the entire organization can seamlessly migrate between different environments in a way that is timely, repeatable, and consistent. Since stale data can impact the quality of production environments, we work with your team to establish rules for purging and archiving production data within the guidelines of regulatory and infrastructure requirements. Plus, our copy data management solutions help reduce the size of the production database for faster cloning.

Every enterprise must consider their specific needs and resources for cost-efficient data implementation strategies and solutions. Strengthening the competitive advantage for the company requires staying ahead of the technology curve. Mycelium software provides data-driven insights that utilize the latest technologies for innovative solutions for enterprise companies and organizations using Oracle Suites.

Mycelium Center of Excellence

Once you partner with Mycelium Software, you will be able to enhance your continuous process improvement objectives. Our team has extensive experience in working with businesses and organizations of all size. Mycelium’ Center of Excellence provides a framework for software testing to efficiently implement agile methodologies, leverage testing tools, and manage resources. Our proprietary Mycelium platform provides a robust set of mature processes which can help your organization towards a path of operational excellence, based on your schedule, you budget and your timeline. We have immense expertise in providing a gamut of implementation services that have helped organizations achieve operational excellence, through the practices of automation testing, data retention, and release management.

At Mycelium, we tailor the implementation approach and work directly with your resources to match the level of automation and testing your organization requires. To accelerate end-to-end testing by leveraging a data-driven test approach, Request a Demo today!



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