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Mycelium is committed to providing organizations with a streamlined experience by improving their time to market for enhancements, upgrades, and new solutions, and by reducing their overall total cost of ownership. We know and understand that your mission critical systems are your most valuable assets towards ensuring quality, delivery and meeting the needs and demands of your customers. We are dedicated to automation and business process improvement. We achieve this through our combination of people, processes, and technology, which we leverage to allow organizations to attain operational excellence.

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About Mycelium

Mycelium Software focuses on your critical business systems to ensure that quality and reliability are top of mind. Our experienced professionals work with your functional and technical teams to mitigate the cost of poor quality. Mycelium’s platform provides a robust proprietary set of mature processes which can help your organization towards a path of operational excellence, based on your schedule, your budget, and your timeline. Utilizing our crawl, walk, run approach, we incorporate the critical aspects of automation, then phase in the secondary aspects until you reach full business agility, a chief component of your operational and quality management initiatives.

Industries Served

Utility Companies and Municipalities that provide Gas, Water & Electric services to residential and commercial customers throughout North America, South America, and beyond.

Our Niche

We provide Copy Data Management, Data Retention Management, Automated Test Management, and Release Management to Utility Companies and Municipalities that use the Oracle Utilities Suite. To include, but not limited to Oracle Utilities Customer Solutions formerly known as Oracle CC&B or Oracle Customer Care and Billing, Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service (Oracle Utilities CCS), Oracle C2M, Oracle Utilities Customer to Meter, Oracle MDM (Meter Data Management), ODM (Operational Device Management) and WAM (Work and Asset Management).

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop a powerful synergy between business process automation and holistic solution delivery for our customers.​

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses and organizations achieve operational excellence through enterprise business process automation and a streamlined quality management approach.​

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