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Automated Test Management

META from Mycelium Software is the only data-driven software testing and automation platform that lets you perform end-to-end testing across different business environments.

Achieve improved ROI by adapting data-driven automated testing using META.

Copy Data Management

As a functional user, do you struggle to find data that meets the requirements of your testing scenarios?

Our Copy Data Management tool empowers technical and non-technical users to acquire and securely copy test data from any available environment, as many times as their test iterations dictate.

Data Retention Management

Our Data Retention Management tool is instrumental in keeping the production environments up-to-date by providing options to purge or archive unwanted data from the production databases.

Achieve high system performance while minimizing costs involved in the maintenance of production databases using Data Retention Management.

Release Management

Our Release Management tool helps organizations achieve business agility with accelerated time to market. It can be used in conjunction with META (our automated regression testing tool) to massively shorten release cycles and expedite product releases.

ETL Manager

Harness the potential of ETL Manager for simplifying data conversions and implementations for populating data warehouses. Minimize the costs involved in maintaining production environments by leveraging the benefits offered by ETL Manager and Data Retention.

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Accelerate End-to-End Testing and Faster Releases by leveraging a data-driven test approach offered by META