Mycelium Enterprise Test Assistant

META, a proprietary product from Mycelium Software, Inc., is the only data-driven software testing and automation solution in the market. META is an all-in-one integrated test solution that lets you perform end-to-end verification of business processes, across integrated environments.

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Achieve better ROI with data-driven automated Testing

Traditional automated testing solutions can be used by QA and development teams only, whereas, META lets non-technical personnel participate in the automation testing process.

The META regression testing suite evaluates the system thoroughly by testing every known test script artifact that is registered within the system. Overall, META helps to accelerate TTM while it reduces cycle-time and mitigates potential quality roadblocks.

Increase Test Coverage and Enhance Product Quality

META helps increase overall test coverage by allowing you to perform business process automation, unit testing, and regression testing. The test records are stored in a central repository and can be played back (or executed) against dynamic input data sets.

With META, you can combine the full potential of automated test management with data-driven testing. Test teams can reduce product bugs and analyze issues at a faster pace, by performing impact analysis on pre and post execution results.

Make Testing More Human, yet less error-prone

Akin to BDD (Behavior Driven Development), constructing test scenarios in META does not require technical expertise. Business (or functional) users are at the core of the features implemented in META.

Assertion rules let you customize data attributes through which you can build custom thresholds (or tolerances) into the test scripts. This enables an entire spectrum of users (including QA and development teams) to create data-driven automation test scripts with ultra-ease.

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Accelerate End-to-End Testing and Release Delivery by leveraging the data-driven test approach offered by META

Empower teams with META

Enhance QA efficiency, minimize QA and testing costs, achieve faster time-to-market, and improve product quality by utilizing test management that combines the prowess of dynamic data selection, staging, and execution.

CRM/ERP Agnostic

META mimics the steps performed by an end-user by invoking the target CRM/ERP’s application server(s) in order to execute test scripts recorded as a virtual user. META is the only QA testing software that is platform-agnostic regarding the web-based enterprise system. Thus, EDMS can be adopted across various CRM/ERP teams.

Intuitive Design

META enhances collaboration across teams by helping them record test scenarios that can be executed across integrated environments. The simple-to-use intuitive design of web-based META lets you record and maintain business scenarios with ease. 

Zero Know-How of SQL

User-friendliness and effective test management are the building blocks of META. You no longer need to dig deeper into the data to satisfy test scenarios, as test data preparation is handled automatically and efficiently by META.

End-To-End Testing

Cross-system testing support is one of the core advantages of META. It has a significant upside over other software testing and automation solutions, as it lets you perform regression tests for testing the system’s behavior. It’s as simple as initiating a test script in CIS and concluding the test script in MDMS.

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How are we better?

What sets us apart from other software testing and automation tools in the market?

The capabilities of META thrive on being a data driven test management solution.

One does not require technical expertise to operate the solution.

A web-based, intuitive design for the business/functional user community.

A better ease-of-use when compared to any other test management tool.

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Accelerate End-to-End Testing and Release Delivery by leveraging the data-driven test approach offered by META