Protecting Customer Privacy

Would your customers be comfortable knowing that their personal data was accessible in your training, testing, or non-production environments? IT departments are continually relying on offshore teams but not reviewing the data privacy risks associated with the move.

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Identifying where PII data is kept

Mycelium’s tools are able to identify patterns of data to locate where PII data resides within your organizational enterprise systems.

Obfuscate & Protect

Utilize Mycelium to instill a process where data is scrambled, protected, and secured to prevent crucial data from residing in non-secure places.

Isolate your Data Refreshes

Many organizations utilize a method to create multiple copies of their production information in a wholesale fashion. Utilizing our approach you can isolate data refreshes to code, configurations, or transactional data making the security of PII data integral to the process.

What constitutes personally identifiable information? Where is it kept in your organization?

Personally identifiable information (PII) is any data that can be used to identify a person, either directly or indirectly. PII is considered sensitive data and can be used in identity theft. Examples of PII include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Government Issues ID Numbers including Social Security Number, Driver’s License Number, or Tax ID Number
    Bank Account Name & Number

How can you protect your consumer data?

The process to identify, scramble, protect, and secure data is achievable. Instilling an ongoing repeatable process is key to protecting your customer’s information.

  • Identify: Our data crawlers can identify known and unknown locations where PII data may resides withing your organization’s enterprise systems.
  • Scramble: Scrambling while retaining data integrity and referential capability is the key to a successful implementation.
  • Protect: Utilize archiving and data removal strategies to comply with governance rules & regulations
  • Secure: Identify access levels in all environments easily with our security audit scripts.

How does it work?

Mycelium’s Enterprise Data Management suite has all the capabilities to locate, scramble, and secure your customer’s information.


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