ETL Manager

ETL Manager from Mycelium Software complements data retention by delivering a streamlined approach to large-scale data conversions. It has the capability to blend data from multiple sources using the ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) approach.

ETL Manager performs data conversions and implementations to populate data warehouses and data marts. Deliver a streamlined approach to large-scaled data conversions with ETL Manager from Mycelium Software.

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Transform Data into Any Desired Format

Wider adoption of ETL data integration techniques has resulted in an exponential number of data formats, systems, and sources. ETL Manager from Mycelium Software provides users with the ability to transform data into any desired format.

It is instrumental in letting organizations execute a broader data integration strategy - a vital step for businesses looking to harness the potential offered by big data.

Purge or Archive Stale Data

Unwanted (or stale) data in production environments can minimize the performance of the environment, while increasing its maintenance costs. ETL Manager complements the offerings of Data Retention, thereby helping in the removal of stale (or unused) records from the production environment.

Data Purge and Archive options in ETL Manager help you archive data in native formats or aggregate/summarize data in different formats. This data can then be used for further analysis.

Execute Upgrade Conversion Activities with Ease

ETL Manager offers exhaustive ETL capabilities for extracting data from legacy systems, transforming it, and loading it into your current CIS system. EDMS preserves the data relationships while generating keys and summary data.

ETL is best suited to flatten or denormalize data to fit the needs of a data warehouse.

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Leverage the potential of ETL and Data Retention to build an enterprise data warehouse.

Benefits of ETL Manager

CRM/ERP Agnostic

Mycelium Software’s CDM is platform-agnostic regarding the underlying systems. It works with any commercial enterprise system thereby allowing EDMS to be adopted across various CRM/ERP teams. In a nutshell, Mycelium Software’s CDM can receive data in multiple formats from multiple sources and still process the same in the most effective manner.

Minimize Effort Required to Populate Data Warehousing Tables

ETL lets you maximize the production environment’s performance by pushing the processing down to the database layer. ETL manager can handle different formats which help in simplifying data conversions.

The output of the ETL process can also be used to populate data warehousing tables or a reporting database. Consumption of the extracted data unleashes limitless possibilities for organizations looking to gain an advantage in this ‘data-first’ business environment.

Analyze the Data that Matters the Most

ETL Manager lets you filter data that is crucial for enhancing business outcomes. It helps control the amount and type of data included in your conversion process.

It is easy to create and manage ETL rules using the web-based portal. Above all, it enhances the productivity of data professionals, as zero technical know-how is required to write scripts.

The consolidated view provided by the ETL Manager makes it easy for business users to analyze data, which is an important activity for ensuring the growth of the business.

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Leverage the potential of ETL and Data Retention to build an enterprise data warehouse