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Mycelium Software has immense expertise in providing a gamut of implementation services to a wide range of customers. These services have helped organizations achieve operational excellence, through the practices of automation testing, data retention, and release management.

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Mycelium Software has launched its implementation services to a global clientele. We are pioneers when it comes to serving smart utility companies that use the Oracle Utilities Suite (i.e. CC&B, MDM, and C2M).

Here is a broad list of implementation services that you can request from Mycelium Software:

Managed Test Services

Our team of expert automation testers works in tandem with your in-house team, irrespective of where your organization stands in their automation testing journey. Implementation services help you develop your automated test script inventory by identifying, developing, prioritizing and recording your test scripts.

Quality Assurance is our guarantee, as our team records the test scripts across multiple web-based platforms for performing automated regression testing. Insights drawn from the in-depth impact analysis and associated KPI reports help organizations arrive at timely decisions based on the test outcomes. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership and expedited quality product delivery are the prime benefits of leveraging MTS from Mycelium Software.

Release Management Services

Release Management from Mycelium software enables organizations to seamlessly migrate between different environments. Our team has extensive knowledge of the data models to capture all the elements relevant to your release.

Mycelium implementation services continuously deliver these releases to support your business enhancements, in a way that is timely, repeatable, and consistent.

Data Retention Services

Unused or stale data can impact the quality of the production environments. The experienced team at Mycelium software will work with you to build the necessary business rules to purge and archive your production data, in accordance with regulatory and infrastructure requirements.

We would be a part of the entire process, starting from discovery and current state assessment to executing the purge process in the respective test environment. Using our data retention services, numerous organizations have been able to reduce their nightly batch window, achieve faster report run times, and realize faster page load and response times. Improved performance for backups and database exports are the added benefits of data retention.

All of this is done while maintaining the full integrity of your enterprise assets.

Copy Data Management Services

Copy Data Management is useful in scenarios where you intend to reduce the size of the production database for faster cloning of the database to a new test environment. Mycelium’s implementation services allow you to accelerate access to data in lower-tiered environments while maintaining the security and integrity of the data.

Our team collaborates with the experts at the client location to identify a representative subset of production accounts that must be exported to the test environment. This team also captures the data obfuscation rules essential to ensure that the data in the test environment is protected, controlled, and accessible only by authorized users.

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