Automate your performance testing

Enterprise level applications need to perform effectively. The complexity of an integrated enterprise where application performance relies on many components, integrations, and simultaneous business process runs can be arduous. Mycelium Grid has bots for front end, cross-browser, cross application testing to quickly identify bottlenecks in resources, throughput, or business logic.

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What is META Grid?

Using META, our enterprise level automated UI testing software, running a full suite of tests reduces the time from manual performance testing significantly. Traditionally getting multiple teams aligned to reproduce production level loads is expensive, time consuming, and resource intensive. META grid utilizes existing automated test scripts to run your tests simultaneously on a grid: a collection of machines, operating systems (OSs), and browsers.

  • Multiple browsers supported
  • Effectively isolate and identify hardware and software bottlenecks
  • Utilize existing test scripts, and integrations
  • Effectively utilize cloud provisioning to quickly ramp up testing

Automated Performance Testing On Demand

Mycelium significantly reduces the cost, complexity and coordination required to conduct a well orchestrated performance test. Even when you already use automated UI testing the complexity to manually execute steps can be painful. With META Grid our bots are provisioned, start dynamically, utilize your entire test script library, utilize multiple browsers, and run concurrently and repeatedly to test performance, load, and stress testing with a fraction of the efforts.

Reduce the communication, coordination, and resource demands to conduct an effective performance test.

Identify performance issues with hardware, software or business logic quickly.

A deep dive and understanding of the logs, results, correlation of timelines gives you a broad overview of the performance results.

Automating processes around performance testing allows you to quickly provision thousands of bots to efficiently test all aspects of your enterprise application.

Visual Results to Identify Performance Bottle Necks


Validate database parameters, performance, and impacts quickly.

Infrastructure, Software & Logic

Identify issues with networks, routing, application servers, web server parameters, business logic, caching and much more.

Multiple Browsers

BOTS can launch a myriad of browsers to reflect your organization.

Application UI & Integration Testing

Browser testing will utilize the same mechanisms you will see in production, that end users will be utilizing.


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