How do you remove enterprise data safely?

IT departments can feel trapped between the priorities of complying with governance regulations and the complexity of highly integrated systems. Removing key data without affecting operations can seem like a herculean task. Mycelium provides the right tools to achieve data archiving and purging without affecting the integrity of data across subsystems.

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Identify & Tag Data

Identifying and utilizing data securely and consistently to meet your governance strategy. Whether the governance rules apply to granular data, repeatable process, or a large volume to be done as part of a project. Mycelium utilizes its data crawler to identify & tag the data for processing.

Validation & Archival

Archiving or purging data while maintaining the integrity and application functionality is in-built into our strategy for enforcing the data governance requirements.

Integrated Systems

The replication of key data across multiple enterprise systems is crucial to a working enterprise. Mycelium’s processes for spanning across systems to enforce data referential integrity while conducting purge & archival processes is integral to a successful project.

Effectively Enforce Governance Rules

Mycelium tools provide governance and compliance whether it is purging large volumes of data, repeatable processes for regularly pruning data. Utilities users requesting to archive and remove financial data can utilize our tool without impacting account balances. Enforcing GDPR, CCPA, or other consumer privacy and protection laws can easily be achieved by locating, identifying and removing data without impacting referential dat integrity.

Quickly identify and securely tag data to be removed.

Identify issues with data quality, application functionality and release dependencies through our governance compliance tools.

Improve quality through correlation & consistency

Automating processes around data compliance and governance provides a best practice for your utility to regularly remove data to meet event complex governance regulations.

Instill processes of identifying data and deploying an archival strategy to meet your governance & compliance regulations.

Utilize our standard tools to cross enterprise level systems to reinforce data quality.

  • Identify data quickly
  • Filter and isolate data for archival
  • Purge, Archive and Validate
  • Automate governance processes for consistency & quality

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